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2022 WA-TWS Board: 

President (2022-23) Matt Wilson president@watws.org / matt.wilson@watws.org
President-Elect (2022-23) Alex Pavlinovic

president.elect@watws.org / alex.pavlinovic@watws.org

Vice President (2022-23) George Ritchotte vice.president@watws.org / george.ritchotte@watws.org

Past President (2022-23)

Sara Hansen

past.president@watws.org / sara.hansen@watws.org

Treasurer (2021-23) Bruce Thompson treasurer@watws.org / bruce.thompson@watws.org
Secretary (2022-24) Candace Bennett

secretary@watws.org / candace.bennett@watws.org

Board Members At-Large

  Position #1 (2021-23)Merci Clintonboardmember1@watws.org / merci.clinton@watws.org

Position #2 (2022-24)

Kristina Ernest

boardmember2@watws.org / kristina.ernest@watws.org

Position #3 (2022-24)

Jen Syrowitz boardmember3@watws.org / jen.syrowitz@watws.org

Position #4 (2022-23)

Vacant boardmember4@watws.org 

Student Chapters:

 Washington State University  
Student Chapter Liaison Mara Huang
Student Chapter Liaison Julia Dahlquist julia.dahlquist@wsu.edu

Committee Chairs:

Member Recognition  
Grants Tony Fuchs grants@watws.org
Awards Bill Vogel awards@watws.org
Scholarships Merci Clinton scholarships@watws.org
Technical Communication

  Education and InformationJen Syrowitzjen.syrowitz@watws.org
Conservation Review Kevin White  
Resolutions and Public StatementsVacantpresident@watws.org
Chapter Operations
Nominations and Elections Vacant elections@watws.org
Membership Vacant president@watws.org
Vacant president@watws.org
 Chapter Newsletter:  
  EditorMike Hall mike.hall@watws.org
 Regional Representatives  
  Northwest Brandon Clinton
  Northeast Annemarie Princeannemarie.prince@dfw.wa.gov
  Olympic Peninsula Betsy Howellbetsy.howell@usda.gov
  Southwest William Ritchiewilliam_ritchie@fws.gov
  Southeast Kristina Ernestkristina.ernest@watws.org

Info for past WA-TWS Board Members can be found here.

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