Washington Chapter

of The Wildlife Society

WA-TWS Chapter Elections

A critical part of any organization is its leadership. The leadership of the Washington Chapter of The Wildlife Society is comprised of volunteers including those that serve on its Executive Committee. This is a great way to get involved and help support your Chapter which has done so much for you and your fellow biologists. 

The Executive Committee is comprised of four board members at large, a secretary, a treasurer, a past president, president, president-elect, and vice-president.  The four "president" positions usually start by electing a single vice president that progress through the 4-year term, ending in past president.

Our next elections will be held in Spring 2023

The open 2023 positions are:

  • Vice president (4-year term progression)
  • Treasurer (2-year term)
  • Two board members at large (2-year terms each)
    More information about the duties and time commitments of each position can be found here. Nominees must be members of both TWS and WA-TWS to be added to the slate of candidates.

      While serving on the executive committee is a great way to help the chapter, it is also a great way to help yourself by making connections within the wildlife field in Washington State and gaining valuable experience. 

      If you would like to submit a nomination, or have any questions about the nomination process or positions, please contact the Nominations and Elections Committee at elections@watws.org.

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