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Please Consider Nominating a Coworker!!  See below for an EASY process!

Here’s how you do it – pick up a pencil and paper (or laptop, smart pad, I-thingy, smartphone, tele-communicator, whatever) and send me a nomination – email is preferred (awards@watws.org).

The Board of WA-TWS believes it is appropriate to recognize outstanding accomplishments by persons or organizations in the field of wildlife conservation.  Not all awards will be given every year; it will depend on nominations received from our members.  Our goal is to provide opportunities to encourage and recognize such achievement.

For the purposes of these awards by WA-TWS, “Wildlife Conservation” is defined as Conservation of wildlife populations, wildlife habitats, and natural-resource values that support wildlife and their habitats.  “Wildlife” includes all mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and plants that compose the native biodiversity of the region.  It can also include management of introduced or non-native species when the result is beneficial to native wildlife and habitats.  “Conservation” includes research; science-based evaluation, assessment, and planning; inventory; monitoring; management; law enforcement; furthering the understanding of the principles of ecology and wildlife management; and advocating sound wildlife stewardship.  “Management” includes actions to maintain or enhance habitats, populations, or natural processes affecting populations and habitats, as well as the responsible control of individuals or populations of wildlife or addressing invasive species.

If you know someone who fits this description: makes a substantial contribution to conservation, does more than they need to, uses foresight and anticipation to address problems early, shows their dedication, makes valuable contributions, works with partners, etc. ….you may want to consider nominating them for one of our awards.

If you know of a deserving person or organization, but are not sure how their accomplishments fit with our award categories, please call me.  Feel free to share this message with people outside WA-TWS; we want to learn about deserving people.  Once identified, we can find WA-TWS members to help with those nominations.

WA-TWS Award Categories

William H. Lawrence Special Achievement Award: Outstanding accomplishment by a person or organization for a specific task or project that has contributed significantly to wildlife conservation in Washington.  Mr. Lawrence was the first president of the Washington Chapter.

Leadership in Conservation Award:  A person or organization that has made sustained and significant contributions over many years to wildlife conservation.

Conservation Award: Outstanding accomplishment (program or project) by a person or organization for significant contributions to wildlife conservation, including efforts involving outstanding initiative, innovation, and personal risk of failure.

Stewardship Award:  Outstanding accomplishment (program or project) by a person or organization for significant management of property for the conservation of wildlife.

Partnership Award:  Outstanding accomplishment by a person or organization for working with and establishing partnerships that otherwise would not have existed or functioned as well without their initiative, and which has resulted in significant advancement of wildlife conservation.

Outreach Award:  Outstanding accomplishment by a person or organization for outstanding efforts in providing educational opportunity to school children, user groups, or the general public related to wildlife conservation, including wildlife biology, habitat, threats, and wildlife-management principles.

Foresight Award:  Outstanding contribution by a person or organization for outstanding foresight and efforts to address conservation of species and/or habitat in a timely manner.  For instance, endangered or threatened species listing decisions and conservation can be aided by information collected and efforts initiated prior to the when the urgency is well understood or publicized.  This includes initiating monitoring, research, or enhancement projects prior to a species reaching levels or legal status where such actions are necessary.

Chapter Award:  Awarded to individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to the support and growth of the Washington Chapter of The Wildlife Society.

EASY Award Nomination Process

If you want to nominate an entity for any of these awards – IT’S EASY! – Just send a short note to the Awards Committee  (awards@watws.org) with the information below.  If you want you can further strengthen your nomination by additional statements of support or by having another member do the same or second your nomination.  The Awards Committee will review all submittals.  If the nomination is successful we may ask for more information from you to help fully document the accomplishments and make award arrangements.

Nomination Information:  Please include the following information

Award Category:  {see category descriptions above}
Submitted by:
Seconded by:
Contact Information for persons submitting nomination:
Date Submitted:
Rationale:  {short description of most-pertinent accomplishments}

Committee members will assist those nominating a recipient in terms of providing technical assistance, and at times taking miscellaneous information and organizing it into a coherent nomination document.

To view past award recipients since 2011, click here.

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